How long have you been in this business?

Salmiah Rahman started as a freelance Malay translator in 1984 after resigning from Berita Harian. Salmiah Razman Communications was formed in 1998 after Mohd Razman Abdullah resigned from NST and Razali Razman (their son) graduated from University at around the same time.

Noreen Kong joined us in 2001 after stints with event management companies. So we are very experienced translators and collectively have translated thousands of documents, including, press releases, legal contracts, insurance contracts, annual report, advertising copy, books, manuals, articles and others.  We changed our name to Razz Publications after Mohd Razman Abdullah passed away in 2009.

Why have you not published your rates?

We do not disclose our rates for competitive reasons. Email or call us and we will provide you precise details of our pricing. Better still, email us your document and we will provide you with a quote and the time needed to complete the job.

Do you provide services on credit?

Yes we do, but only to clients in Malaysia, provided we are satisfied that the client is not a credit risk. Normally for first time clients, we require cash (to be transferred) upfront and will service them on credit for subsequent transactions.

Our credit term is one month after the receipt of invoice. If a first time customer requires a large document to be translated, we may only ask for a deposit, not the full payment, at our discretion. For overseas customers, we operate on a prepaid basis, as is customary for most Internet transactions.

Can you certify your translations?

We understand that some customers need certified translations. Noreen Kong is be able to certify your documents. She has accreditation from both the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and the Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (Malaysian National Translation Institute). This service is useful especially for embassy and travel related documents.

What about confidentiality?

Some clients require us to sign confidentiality agreements and we have no problems with that. In fact we keep the documents strictly confidential even if we are not required to sign the agreement. Confidential documents include press releases containing company financial results which cannot be revealed to the public until it is officially announced.

How fast can I get the translation?

For documents up to 6 pages, 24 hours delivery is possible. Sometimes we can deliver even longer documents in 24 hours if our schedule permits. For big projects, we will provide you a quote and negotiate a timeline.

Can you deliver if I need my documents urgently i.e. the same day?

It depends on our schedule and the length of the document. Usually we manage to fulfill 80 percent of the requests for urgent translation. You can call us to find out. For urgent jobs, it would be better to deal over the phone rather than by email. As mentioned in our home page, we charge slightly higher rates for urgent jobs.